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Welcome to Hyder School District, the governing body of Dateland Elementary School. We are located in Dateland, Arizona, a small community of 400 people in Yuma County on I-8. Sunshine is abundant and our community’s history is unique since our town was once a railroad water stop in the early 1920s and a military training camp during the 1940s. We are proud to educate the children in our community and hope you’ll take the time to become familiar with what our school district has to offer.

As Hyder School District merges with technology, we are now able to provide you with important calendar events, administration, and elementary school staff information at your fingertips. We have much more for you to learn about us. Of course, just let us know how we can make your child’s education even better than what we currently strive for.


Dear Parents and Students,

Hyder School District is pleased to provide a great schooling opportunity for your children. We believe that ability, effort, and achievement are keys to student success. At our elementary school, Dateland Elementary, we encourage all students to excel while embracing culture and learning about themselves. We hope you'll be involved with the many enriching community programs and opportunities we offer. Our faculty is fantastic. We have a group of administrators and teachers who genuinely care about the success of every child. If you ever have concerns about your student’s education, please give us a call immediately. We are here to help your children succeed and excel and be prepared with the needed skills and knowledge for each successive grade level.


Martha Yardley - Jones